Boys Are Non-Committal; Always in the Middle

Boys Are Non-Committal; Always in the Middle

Playing on constant repeat is my favorite new summer jam by Chromeo, “Old 45s.” Other than a ridiculously catchy electro-funk melody with 80s throwbacks, the simple lyrics got me thinking.

David Macklovitch is no dummy. The lead singer and Ph.D from Columbia knows all too well what modern dating and relationships are like, especially in NYC.

Boys are non-committal
Always in the middle
It bothers you a little
Bothers you a little
Why can’t we be like Mom & Dad?

Well – why can’t we go back to olden days Boys Are Non-Committal; Always in the Middle where you found your person, and it stuck? This is certainly a long-winded question with endless answers…but I think the first reason is FOMO, a Fear of Missing Out. This is derived from social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Everyone’s lives seem better than yours, so you’re always reaching for the next best thing. What’s wrong with living in the present? That dude who posted a photo of his new supermodel girlfriend stole that photo from a 2008 edition of GQ. So stop looking for the next best thing…he or she is probably right in front of you.

If you think romance is dead and gone
Find an old jukebox full of 45’s
Pop a nickel in it and it all comes back

Maybe the answer to your FOMO is playing this song on repeat. Seriously.’