So it appears that 3 Day Rule and are using facial recognition technology, in which clients can implant photos of their exes to find matches that look most alike. There are so many issues with this.

First off – you didn’t love your ex just because of their looks. You loved your sporadic weekend to St. Lucia. You loved the way she crinkled her left eye when you two laughed. You loved her inexplicable passion for mountain biking.

Secondly, the only pool you’re working with on these sites are people who use them. Last time I checked, the most quality people weren’t posting photos of themselves online – they were out being awesome and social.

To end my somewhat brief schpiel, of course you want someone attractive. So start there and then dig deeper. I’m not sure an identical jawline to match your ex’es will make a difference. So start with basic attraction and trust simple laws of chemistry…they’ll take place when you start with your non-negotiables ie. family, education, religion, interests. Don’t waste your time trying to recreate the past – you’re setting yourself up for failure. Take it from us – we’ve been at this for a while.