Get To Know NYC Fitness Guru: Harper and Bleu

Get To Know NYC Fitness Guru: Harper and Bleu

Fitness guru behind Harper & Bleu, Lindsay Heney, weighs in on the best places to work out in NYC, her go-to date night spots, and tips for a successful long-term relationship.


The BEVY: What are three words to describe your lifestyle?


Harper & Bleu: Motivated, authentic, and evolving.


TB: Do you remember who or what inspired you, growing up? What is it that inspires you now?


H&B: My dad always worked really hard to give my family and I the best he possibly could. He continues to inspire me to give 110% into anything I do or put my name on. I’ve had an entrepreneurial gene in me from a very young age and he’s taught me how to best utilize it.


TB: What do you most value in your friends?


H&B: Reliability and loyalty. My most valued friends are likeminded, motivated individuals, because we are able to feed off each other. It’s difficult to find genuine and supportive friends at this age so if you find ones that are, keep them close.




TB: Favorite date night spot in the city?


H&B: Catch (on a weekday) and Felice UES. I’ve also been meaning to try iPic down in the Seaport. It looks amazing!


TB: What about your favorite place to work out in NYC?


H&B: Currently, Rumble Boxing has been my favorite. They have found a way to incorporate boxing & hiit into one compact class. I always leave sweating and exhausted. So well worth it!


TB: Tell us a little bit about your go-to fitness routine.


H&B: I like to switch it up as much as possible to keep my body from getting used to a certain routine. On any given week I’ll take a few classes at Bandier’s Studio B, Rumble, and workout on my own at Chelsea Piers.


I love squats and training legs, so when I workout on my own that’s usually what I do. Recently, I’ve been trying to incorporate more body weight exercises and hit training, rather than solely relying on weights.


TB: You’ve been in a relationship for about three years now. Do you have any advice or tips to share for a successful long-term relationship?


H&B: First and foremost: Communication is key. If you can’t talk about your problems, they’ll never get resolved. I also think it’s important to have a genuine foundation of friendship, as well as things in common underneath your relationship. If you have this and enjoy each others company, the rest will be easy. Lastly, it’s very important not to forget to do the little things for each other, “just because.”