Victorine Deych on Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

Victorine Deych on Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

The BEVY: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into becoming a wellness curator.


Victorine Deych: Haha, that title makes me laugh. I think a marketer I know said it a few years ago, and it stuck. In short, with everything I do I try to find a way to elevate well-being. Think tequila, plus fresh pressed juice for nutrients and no hangover. I believe that we can indulge our naughty desires while taking steps to take care of our bodies and the world we inhabit. This is the reason why pursuing my dreams in the fragrance space led to crafting botanical fragrances and using names like Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.


TB: Can you tell us about that and what inspired you to launch your luxury oils?


VD: Firstly, I’ll admit that I am a fragrance junky so this was the only path for me. I launched the collection with oils that can be used as your fragrance as well as all over the body, and for aromatherapy because I wanted to marry this early love of scent with all the wisdom that I gathered in my search for ingredients that promote well-being and body healing.


TB: If you had to choose one, which would you consider your favorite? What is it a blend of?


VD: It’s hard to say, as my scent preferences are so mood driven. However, since they can all be blinded together, I find myself with some combo of Sex and Drugs quite often. This will move to Sex and Rock & Roll as we enter the warmer months.



TB: What are some natural healing properties your products carry?


VD: Moisture and mood elevation are the most prominent ones. The organic apricot kernel base is the best non-greasy, all year round moisturizer that I’ve ever found, and I spent years trying everything I could get my hands on. As for mood, I find that we can neglect to see how slight shifts in mood will completely transform your entire interaction with the world. Your olfactory receptors are directly linked to this. By inhaling pure toxin-free essential oils, one can easily soothe anxiety, ground, or invigorate state of mind.


TB: You favorite place to go out on a date in NYC?


VD: Il Buco. It’s classic and has the most thoughtful menu.


TB: What oil would you recommend applying before a night out and why?


VD: Rock & Roll, because the blend of vetivers and grapefruit energizes and I feel there shouldn’t be a day without dancing!


TB: What are some everyday essentials you absolutely can’t live without?


VD: Lip balm, lemon water, fragrance, and gummy vitamins.


TB: Top three beauty hacks?


VD: Dry brushing the body (your skin will feel like a babies bum); Lumion spray on your face before applying anything; Dry shampoo.


TB: What is your motto?


VD: Gotta bus the table before you own the restaurant.



If you wish to try one of Victorine’s products, visit her website here and use code: ‘BEVY10‘ at checkout for an exclusive discount!