Wondering What To Text After A First Date?

The BEVY caught up with My Domaine to shed light on the new conventions of texting after the first date.


If the date was great and you want to see them again…

The text: “Last night was awful. We have nothing in common. Let’s do it again.”

The reason: Saying something sarcastic can be a turnoff for some people, but I think it’s clever if you were making out and laughing the whole time. If it was clear it was a great date, saying something funny and ironic will leave the other always wanting more.


If the date went well but you’re not sure about them…

The text: “Thanks again for last night—that was fun! Who knew I liked lychee martinis?”

The reason: Ending with a question is always key to keep the conversation going, even if it doesn’t technically need to be answered. Try bringing up something from the night before, and end with a question so they have to answer. Get that second date!


If you’re not sure about them but you’re open to second chances…

The text: “It was great meeting you! Thanks for last night.”

The reason: Here you’re leaving this open-ended. You’re not begging for another date, but you’re letting them decide. If they ask you out again, fine. If they don’t, fine. There’s not too much on the line here, so don’t overthink it.


If the date was fine but you’re just not feeling it…

The text: “I had a fun time last night—thanks again! You’re awesome, but I didn’t feel the romantic spark. I’m sure you’d agree.”

The reason: Saying something like this is friendly and gives them a chance to save their ego at the end when you assume they weren’t into you either. It’s a good way to not hurt the other person’s feelings.


If the date went horribly wrong and you never want to see them again…

The text: Don’t send anything at all.

The reason: If a first date goes horribly wrong, there’s a problem there. Both parties should be patient, courteous, and give their full attention, no matter if the chemistry is or isn’t there. No text should be sent at all if a date goes horribly awry. Why rehash a bad thing?


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