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How it Works: By changing clients’ expectations. Greta Tufvesson, co-founder, says, “A lot of our guys have this checklist: She needs to be Ivy-educated, with parents who are still married, extremely athletic, a certain age, a certain religion, drop-dead gorgeous, with a killer career. We have tons of women who fit that mold, but whenever we can convince those guys to step out of their comfort zone, they usually call us gushing, ‘Wow. That was so refreshing!’ Many of our clients, especially the ones who are divorced, are often surprised by what excites them. They start with a fantasy, or something they saw in a movie and then they get introduced to a woman who is not only beautiful — because they’re all beautiful — but smart, engaging, kind, and grounded — and they learn something new about themselves and about matters of the heart. Self-discovery is sexier than any date.”